About Scott Kushman

Scott is a 7 time award winning  producer who started his career in television production in 2007 and has evolved his skill-set over a decade of working at media outlets such as: ABC NEWS, A&E NETWORKS: VICELAND, A&E, LIFETIME, History, FYI, GO90, MTV, Comedy Matters, BCTV, Sun Garden USA, Spetrino Pictures, Kushman Media LLC, Photography By Roman and Shutterbooth.com. The timeline of his background could be learned further by connecting with him further on Linkedin. Below, He breaks down his experience, education and highlights of his career in a Q&A.

What is your Education background?

Recently, I have earned a Mini-MBA degree from Rutgers University in Digital Marketing to gain a formal education in digital marketing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Southern Connecticut State University and I am a certified Comedy Writer through Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

How was Upright Citizen’s Brigade and is that a school?

Upright Citizen’s Brigade is one of the three top comedy schools in the country and is surprisingly vetted. A lot of top talent comes out of UCB and ends up doing big things on SNL and in the entertainment industry. Of all my degrees it’s my favorite degree!

You’ve had a diverse career, what are your strengths?

Branding, Leadership, and crisis management. I’ve worked in a lot of start up environments, or places with low budgets, so I’ve learned how to scale to get the most out of practices, tech, and team building. I pride myself on my ability to embrace reinvention and promote that in the workplace. 

Your career has been full of change why is that?

I have always prided myself on evolving my career to match the changing media environment to keep myself relevant. That’s a real asset to have in an employee. Because I have learned how to evolve, I can quickly assimilate into a new role. I enjoy learning new things and being a team player in achieving the goals of the organization.

What was your experience at ABC NEWS Connecticut like?

I served as Floor Director for Good Morning Connecticut, and Multiplatform Weather Editor for ABC News’s local affiliate WTNH News 8/WCTX My 9. As Floor Director of Good Morning Connecticut, I covered a wide range of news stories, and breaking news including the historic 2008 Presidential Election, and Connecticut’s historic gay marriage ruling. I also assisted in various high profile interviews for ABC News 8 newscasts including promotional interviews with ABC Network actors, local chefs, musicians, politicians, and the world famous Radio City Rockettes.

What was your experience at BCTV like?

At BCTV I had the opportunity to fix up a local P.E.G TV station from an also-ran into a productive hyperlocal news asset for the Branford community. Under my leadership and hard work, the station expanded its original programming from 4 to 17 series, weekly town meetings, specials focusing in on the community, and the expansion of the station’s internet services. BCTV’s gained clout in the community through programming has increased the caliber of partnerships, Sponsors, politicians and celebrities who appear on our shows. I am proud of the work that I have put into BCTV. That work has been noticed, by being awarded 7 Alliance Community Television awards within 4 years.

What was your experience at GO90 like? 

GO90 is a video app service by Verizon for their cell phone network featuring acquired and original series like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I was contracted based on my experience in TV Station Management to join the original staff in being a support team to launch the beta app. We achieved all goals in launching the app and preparing it for the following phases of development for the business year.

Why Should I hire you?

You should hire me because I can cut through to your company's issues quick and turn around the product or goal in an efficient and innovative way. I have worked in a lot of failing industries where like an airplane falling out of the sky, parts are flying off quick and there's limited reasources to land it safe. Because I have worked in this environment many times, I have learned how to scale a company while pointing the brand or product into a new direction that is cheap but at the same time ahead of our peers. I have learned that it's in the moment of crisis management where innovation takes shape. I've learned to be prepared to not be prepared. I can provide that leadership to your company.  
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