With over 11 years of experience working at various national media outlets, I can  help your company achieve it's goals in an innovative, yet cost effective way. Let's talk about how I can help your company achieve these values:

Television & VIdeo 

OTT, VOD, Studio Build, LIve

The video industry is changing quick, let's be out front in our approach. 


Branding, PR, DIgital, Web DEV

I'll help your brand achieve it's next chapter. 


TV, INternet, Ebooks

Let's write something compelling daring, and never done before. 

CONTENT Creation 

FOr Your Company 

Like the kind of content I'm creating? Want me to do the same for your company? Perfect! Let's talk about what I can create for you.


My COntent 

Like my content and think it might be a good fit for your platform? Let's talk about content distribution and integration. 


Hosting, Stand up, Voice Over

Want to talk further about an article I wrote on your show? So do I, let's talk about a date and time. 

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